• Rebecca Sharrow

The worst and best Valentine's Day ever.

Four years ago I was working for a franchised salon. It was your typical Sunday rush of haircuts. But that day was supposed to be special. It was Valentine's Day. A day to be extra sweet to the ones you love. Me and my best gal pal at the time made plans for a quick drink after work and then off to see are lover boys at home. But that changed very quickly when I was asked to stay after to have a meeting with the manager.... I was being fired. 

Fired on Valentine's Day.

I was in shock. I couldn't stop crying. I had never been fired before.  About an hour later I was still coming to terms with everything and having that after work drink.  That's when I decided to never work for another corporate salon ever again. That was the beginning to what is now the best decision I ever made. I now own my own business and I'm extremely proud of what I created.  

Thank you to everyone that has supported and patroned Atomic Fox Salon. You are what keeps my dream alive.

Happy Valentine's Day

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