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Who Is the Atomic Fox?

It's me! Rebecca Ann Sharrow (Wiley)! I mean I guess you didn't need my middle and maiden name but that is just the kind of person I am. I like transparency. I like to put it out on the table and let you ask all the questions.

I also like to show off my awesome morning bed head creations!

I'm an official dog Mom. They are my children and I love them more than anything. You will hear a lot about them while you spend time in my chair.

Bruce is my forever toddler. He is a Basset Hound/Pointer mix and is into everything! You will hear the best stories about him! Bruce is like the escaped convict that just keeps getting into trouble.

Baby Boy Bruce

Gus is my big sweet cuddle buddy. He is a Basset Hound/Sheppard mix and spends most of his days sleeping in his papasan chair. I call him Grumpy Gus because you ask him to move and he will grumble at you.

I'm also married to a really awesome guy. Michael has been my rock and support through this whole journey of starting my own business. When times get tough and I want to quit he keeps me going with his aggressive nature. Pushing me to not be a quitter and to not dwell on things I cannot change.

He also makes my life fun!

I was born in Alaska because my parents where both Master Sergeants in the United States Air Force and where stationed there for 12 years! I love everything about Alaska and it will always be my top choice of vacation destinations. We moved to Texas when I was 9 to the small town of Burkburnett. Don't know where that is? Its about 10 mins north of Wichita Falls, and 5 mins away for the Oklahoma border. When I was 21 I took a big leap and left my small town to move to Dallas! But I got to Denton and felt like that was close enough for me!

So who is the Atomic Fox?

Hairstylist+Dog Mom+Loving Wife+Small Town Girl

Peace, Love, and Hair

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