• Rebecca Sharrow

A New Year, A New Look

Two years after leaving a chain salon to start my own business, I realized that my little independent salon suite wasn't the best representation of me, my style, and the individuality of the clients I serve. To truly create a space for people to relax and enjoy their salon experience, I also knew I needed a cohesive and appealing theme. And so began the transition of C.B. Salon Suite to the new and improved Atomic Fox Salon. In the coming weeks, I'll be working salon décor improvements, introducing new services and promotions, and inviting everyone to come check out the changes!

Why "Atomic Fox"? Well, anyone who's met me knows of my affection for those adorable woodland creatures, but I also want everyone who leaves my chair feeling a bit more foxy, too. The style of the 1950s is undeniable and I've love the look of mid-century modern art, so it is my hope that I can bring some of that look into my new space. I hope that you love the new look as much as I do... Cheers to 2018!

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